BRWNISGLD, 2015-Present

#BRWNISGLD is an interactive adornment experience and multi-media creative archive for (queer) people of color by Anuva Kalawar that began in September 2015. #BRWNISGLD was debuted at the MayDay Space POC Mixer and the Brown Girls TV premiere in New York City. Let's collaborate!

#BRWNISGLD is an interactive body-paint healing experience and multi-media creative archive for (queer) people of color by Anuva Kalawar. Body-painting invokes ancestral adornment and is rooted in the spirit traditions of the Konkani diaspora.

#BRWNISGLD is a restorative incantation to the necessary moment of being held and seen as a queer/trans person of color through the act of body-painting, adornment, community building, and intentional listening. The objective of this workshop is to create a safe physical and digital space to decolonize spirit, body, mind and expand how we interact with the world by co-creating shared subtle actions rooted in healing. The living results are hosted as a growing multimedia web archive (photography, gif, sound) uplifting (queer+trans) people of color.

“Brown is Gold” descended as an incantation during a deep painting meditation. I am consistently healed and uplifted by spirit, art, and community. These are Incantations to You.



ancestral healing and adornment

softening english cosmology

embedding earth imagination

sacred forest feminine from Konkan coasts



descended as incantation, chant

in a cave of paralysis

palms and paint:

pour gold into yr bones

we are colors and energies

roots to cosmos